The Via Decia trail measures a total of 95 km and is divided into five stages. It starts at the Chapel of S. Cuore di Corna (Darfo) in Valle Camonica, today the memorial for the Gleno victims. Passing by Lake Moro and the village of Angolo Terme, it climbs into Valle di Scalve following the ancient “Via del Ferro”. Here it reaches all four of its municipalities: Colere, Vilminore, Schilpario and Azzone. Finally, it returns to its starting point via Mazzunno and Gorzone. If the first stage involves a certain difference in height, necessary to reach the average altitude of the villages in the valley (between 1000 and 1200 m asl approximately), the following stages proceed in up and downs almost never difficult, and are therefore suitable for all those who are moderately trained for trekking in a mountain environment. The route is almost entirely on paths and dirt roads, with very few stretches on asphalt. Frequent are the stretches of the route within the woods of which Valle di Scalve is largely covered. This characteristic makes the itinerary particularly suitable for the summer period.

The stage cards contain the technical data (length, altitude profile, difference in height, approximate duration), as well as the GPX sheet and an analytical description of the trail. Everyone can in any case adapt the walk, breaking it up according to personal or group needs.


Corna - Colere

Lake Moro, Angolo and its treasures the “Via del Ferro” and the regional forest, up to the slopes of Presolana that opens its backdrop to the village of Colere.

Second Stage

Colere - Vilminore

Where you reach the Gleno Dam, but also Nona, the birthplace of the sculptor Piccini. Finally, we reach Vilminore, the political and religious centre of the Ancient Republic of Scalve.

Third stage

Vilminore - Schilpario

A stage of gems sown among the meadows and woods of Val di Scalve. Like the “Quader” hut and the Vò waterfall, where the breath of nature becomes real.


Schilpario - Azzone

You cross the large fir forest of Schilpario towards the Fondi mines. Before climbing up to the Alpinis’ little church – suspended between the sky and the valley – and reaching Azzone.


Azzone - Corna

Through the Riserva del Giovetto one takes leave of the Scalve Valley, returning to the starting point by the Via dei Pellegrini and the Forra del Dezzo.